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A self-managed super fund will help you make the most of your retirement savings so that you can ultimately enjoy the lifestyle of your choice. Our highly qualified SMSF accountants can help you build your investment strategy as well as the portfolio. In fact, we will help you:

  • - Control your investment strategy
  • - Minimise fees and taxes
  • - Improve the potential of achieving higher net returns over time.

Our SMSF accountants have a wealth of experience in the industry. In fact, we have been managing SMSFs for many years. Hence, our team has the knowledge to help you make the right decisions at all times. Our personal and business financial service can help set up your SMSF fund and provide ongoing advice whenever you require it. Our team understands the needs and priorities that arise at various stages over your lifetime. That is why we are the best people to assist you in planning for your future. Our SMSF accountants are always looking for the best way to do things. That is why we offer SMSF options that will benefit you over time. Take advantage of our services and secure your financial future right now.

As a qualified SMSF auditing service, we provide independent self-managed super fund (SMSF) audits to tax agents, accountants, fund administrations, and financial planners in Melbourne and Australia-wide. If you are in the business of preparing SMSF financial statements and tax returns, it is important that you have your client's superfund audited by a reliable SMSF auditing service such as SMSF Auditor in Melbourne, Australia. In fact, the ATO has already warned against any old accountant preparing a SMSF tax return and performing the audit. The audit firm who performs the audit should be independent from the company that prepares the accounts and tax. That is where we come in. In fact, we have the right SMSF audit solution for you. We provide a highly specialised, cost-effective, and timely audit solution to our clients in Melbourne and Australia-wide. Here is what we provide

  • Complete confidentiality -
  • A guided process with checklists -
  • Rectification and compliance advice -

In fact, our services are competent and highly efficient with the competitive rates on the market. Price variations may depend on the increased level of complexity involved in the auditing process. Prices for larger and more complex audits will be quoted on a case by case basis. We are ready to offer a highly customised solution for our clients in Melbourne and Australia-wide. Call our expert team today for more information on our SMSF audit services.

If you have any question with regard to SMSF services, our SMSF consulting experts are ready to provide strategic advice directly to the trustees of the fund. In fact, SMSF Consulting will assist the trustee with simple as well as complex funds alike. We will offer advise in conjunction with any other professional advisers you may engage so that we work towards the same goal. Here are some of the areas that our consultants can assist you with:

  • - Compliance advice
  • - Tax issues
  • - Retirement planning
  • - Property development
  • - Borrowing
  • - Accumulation strategies
  • - Contribution advice
  • - Estate planning
  • - Trust deed review